Oil Change and Maintenance located in Bolton, serving Bolton, Vaughan, Caledon and Brampton

In todays vehicles oil changes and preventive maintenance is more curtail than any other time in automotive history. Lack of service can and will cause premature engine, transmission, brake cooling system failure.

With all the electronics involved in your vehicles engineering todays cars will last longer but only if maintained properly. Correct factory specified oil and fluids are curtail to your maintenance and longevity of your engine.

At Garage 911 we use only factory correct engineered oil and engine oil grades at competitive or in may cases below dealer and quick lube outlets prices. We have the technical knowledge and know how to keep you on the road no matter the make or model of your vehicle.

Ask your self this. Would you rather have a part time student who’s thrives to be an IT major changing the oil in your car or a licenced technician who will be inspecting you vehicle with the knowledge and experience to bring any issues they may see to your immediate attention.